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Introducing Tami C. and IMENA Inc.

Tami C. is professional hairstylist and owner of IMENA inc, a Harlem, New York based hair and beauty company. Tami is also a social worker, and has her Master of Social Work degree from the Hunter College School of Social Work.

Tami started IMENA inc. in 2008 to offer professional hair care services, events, and products to the public. She wanted to create a hair salon for women that understands, appreciates, and embraces their diversity in hair textures, lengths, and styles.

As a hair stylist and a social worker, her education in both fields has allowed her to offer her clients unparalleled customer service, while maintaining an approach that says she is a partner with her clients, working with them to get the desired results they want for their hair.

When asked what she loves most about being a hair stylist, Tami said "I think it's great when you can develop a relationship with your clients. It makes the experience much more rewarding for both the client and the stylist. It's also nice when clients come in feeling one way about their hair and leave feeling excited and invigorated about the plan that's put in place for the growth and health of their hair when they leave the salon. That's what we always strive to do for our clients." So whether it's their first time to a salon or they are a regular member at the salon, Tami strives to make it a safe, comfortable, and rewarding experience for every client.

The IMENA Salon is a membership salon which creates a unique salon experience for their clients. When asked why she created the membership service, Tami said "When I first decided I wanted to have a salon, there were a few issues that I wanted to make sure we covered. I wanted to make sure the hair styles were great and amazing, the products used were great, and the price was something that clients didn't have to worry about. Our client members pay one price and get the hair care services they want and need for their hair. So when you come to the salon the conversation is about what your hair needs to thrive, instead of what you can afford." For more information on the IMENA membership click here.

In addition to the IMENA Salon membership, Tami created the IMENA Collective, which is "a group of professional stylists and beauty professionals who accept the IMENA membership." By bringing in other professionals, clients have both a choice of different professionals who all have their own unique skill sets and locations throughout the country that also accept the IMENA membership.

According to Tami, there are great benefits for a hair care professionals as well. Some of those benefits include:

  • Access to our client members

  • Marketing of their business through events we host or are a part of,

  • Continuing education including classes and workshops

  • Assistants available to help on busy days at their salon

  • Space to style for their own clients, they can rent space at our salon for the day, week, or month.

As an independent stylist, you can spend a lot of time and money marketing, interviewing and trying to get new clients. As an IMENA Collective member, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. You can find out more on how to become a professional in the IMENA collective by sending an email of interest to:

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