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Welcome To The IMENA Collective

You have been invited to become a part of the best beauty opportunity on the market. The IMENA Collective is a great way to get the support you need for your business and brand while also getting clients in your chair and creating a passive income.  


Are you a professional in the Hair Care industry who is looking to grow your income? 

Are you tired of struggling with servicing your clients and trying to market for new clients?

Are you trying to fill your salon chair with stylists?

Are you a stylist who works for yourself but could use some support with your business?

Do you want to make a passive income?!

Would you benefit from:

  1. More clients in your chair so you can earn more money.

  2. A place to work on your clients where you can book by the hour or by the day. 

  3. Being part of a collective that sends clients to you through our IMENA Client Membership!

  4. Accessing free and low cost education to increase your skill set.

  5. Making passive income every month when you're not working?

If this sounds good to you then the IMENA Collective is right for you!


The person on our team who shared this link with you saw your work online or at an event in person and thought you would be a great fit for the IMENA  Collective and more importantly, they thought the IMENA Collective could bring value to your business and your life! 

This is your invitation to join the best and most innovative collective in the beauty industry. Sign up below and one of our associates will reach out to you with more details on the IMENA Collective. 

As our special gift to you for clicking the button below, you'll get a copy of the E-Book "10 Things All Entrepreneurs Need to Know / Part 1" written by our CEO, Tami C. If you are ready to be all-in and take the next steps in creating passive income and increasing revenue in your business click the JOIN NOW button below.

Tell Me More! I Need More Info.

Thanks for subscribing!

Travis _ Stylist

Travis, Hair Stylist

My name is Travis. I've been with IMENA for years now and I love taking clients through the IMENA Collective. I was able to learn natural hair care techniques to better my skill set and open up new ways of making money by diversifying my clientele.

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